You may have noticed things look quite different to the pink, wholesome aesthetic, with a sweeping curtain to greet you to this blog. Well, that is because I remodelled it!

Firstly, I changed the name from Carrie’s Curtain Call to Lights, Carrie, Action, named after my podcast. Whilst I loved doing the podcast, it eventually caused me to burn out with the weekly episodes. Plus, I produce and edit podcasts as my job and I don’t want work to collide with my free time. So, I decided to use this blog for all the freelance press work I do, as well as write reviews for films I have seen recently that I think should be on your radar.

The aim is to use it for press work that I do as part of Gaydio Brighton. It is pretty much what you think it is! From 4-7am on Mondays, I play absolute bangers and try and keep you entertained as you nosh on your Weetabix before heading to work.

A lot of things have happened since starting this blog. Firstly, and most importantly, I have come out as non-binary and go by they/them pronouns. It was a tricky time, navigating the world with this unlocking of my identity, but I have never been happier to give myself space to truly be myself. Also, I completed my Masters in Radio from Goldsmiths, with a distinction! I never worked so hard for an exam as I did for media law & ethics. This lead me onto projects and meeting people I can’t imagine my life without. I produced She Said, They Said with Whistledown and the charity Mermaids, which covered the week’s news in a fun way with an LGBTQ+ lens. I made friends for life doing this podcast and found true mentors in the audio industry.

However, that doesn’t mean I have lost my passion for watching and writing about films! I used to do the monthly film review as part of the Findon newsletter. I ended up stopping because there were many restrictions on what I could and couldn’t review and wanted a bit more freedom in what films were out there.

Lastly, as of today, I completed my last session of therapy. Whilst I was gone, I had time to reflect on myself and recognise my destructive patterns, such as forcing myself to work too hard. And, oddly, what helped me turn that around was learning to ride a bike. I am able to ride independently… for about 10 seconds. But it is a start! The key thing I learned with my instructor was that in order to progress, I had to not grip so hard, controlling the handlebar. So, me being my pretentious analytical self, I took it as a wonderful metaphor for life. Stop working myself to the bone for getting the same results as I would if I was working at a normal pace. As my instructor said: ‘People who work make mistakes, people who work too hard make many mistakes. People who make no mistakes are lazy.’

All of that last paragraph was meant to be my way of saying this: there will be no publishing schedule. I will not worry about when I will write the next blog post. I need to be more forgiving to myself and take life as it comes. That being said, I just went to Sundance and did a lot of interviews with cool people, so expect a lot of interviews to be published here soon.

Looking forward to learning more of life’s lessons, and whatever the future holds.

PS: If there was a biopic about my life, my bike teacher would 100% be played by Bill Murray.


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