Hustlers | 2019 | Review

(based on the New York Times article by Jessica Pressler, written and directed by Lorene Scafaria) Alright, everyone, we are now into the Oscar-bait season of films coming into our theatres. Hustlers, based on the viral article on a true crime story, could very easily (and I have been guilty of this) be branded as the … Continue reading Hustlers | 2019 | Review


Constellations | 2017 | Review

(written by Nick Payne, directed by Thomas Leadbeater and Amy Noriko Ward) This particular production of Nick Payne's classic was produced by the new theatre company Squabbling House, founded by graduates of the Theatre, Film, and Television Department at the University of York. As Constellations is their debut production, there was a lot of excitement as to how co-directors … Continue reading Constellations | 2017 | Review

Antony and Cleopatra | 2017 | Review

(written by William Shakespeare, directed by Iqbal Khan) With Antony and Cleopatra as the Royal Shakespeare Company's summer spectacular (alongside Wilde's Salomé at the Swan Theatre), a certain level of grandeur was to be expected when I entered the theatre space. Whilst the elaborate set does make it out to be an epic play, Khan's vision of … Continue reading Antony and Cleopatra | 2017 | Review