The Soft Reboot

Hello, You may have noticed things look quite different to the pink, wholesome aesthetic, with a sweeping curtain to greet you to this blog. Well, that is because I remodelled it! Firstly, I changed the name from Carrie's Curtain Call to Lights, Carrie, Action, named after my podcast. Whilst I loved doing the podcast, it … Continue reading The Soft Reboot


BFI Flare: Shiva Raichandani & Queer Parivaar (Interview)

This year, I was delighted to be invited to interview the incredible Shiva Raichandani about their new musical short film: Queer Parivaar. We also spoke about their appearance on Britain's Got Talent, and what inspires them in their creative work. Here's the full interview to listen to: Carrie Morrison chats with artist Shiva Raichandani at … Continue reading BFI Flare: Shiva Raichandani & Queer Parivaar (Interview)